About Mostafa Salehi nezhad
Mostafa Salehi nezhad is an Iranian filmmaker, journalist,
cinematographer, and editor who currently is living in Iran.
Over the past 11 years, he has made mini-documentaries that
have been selected and won titles at many festivals.
He is the owner of Zaviesazan Company, which produces
documentaries, commercials, and animations.
His field of study is Journalism and he is proficient in
editing and filmmaking software.
He also teaches short courses in filmmaking at the university.

Director’s statement
All the members of the film crew sacrificed their lives to make this film.
Cemetery managers told us that the spread of the coronavirus in the Washing-Room
is extremely high and lethal.
First of all, it was very difficult for me to find a group to come to the Washing-Room
with me. But I was finally able to put together a brave group.
I said goodbye to my family the night before the filming. Because after
filming I had to be quarantined and after that, it was not clear whether I
would survive or not! All the members of the group did the same.
The next hard part of our job was to get the female Washers to talk to us in
front of the camera. Because, as we see in the film, the Dead-washer is not an
attractive job in Iranian culture. After filming, four members of the crew got
Coronavirus, but fortunately, all of them survived.

Behind the scene images