A Documentary Film By Mostafa Salehi Nezhad

Three Meters and a Few Centimeters
A Documentary Film By Mostafa Salehi Nezhad

Running Time: 18 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2020 – July
Language: Persian
Subtitle: English
Country of Origin: Iran
Country of Filming: Iran

The coronavirus has made serious problems in the city that makes it difficult
to meet the religious requirements for burying bodies that died by

In an Iranian city, the coronavirus has caused many deaths.
According to the obligations of their religion, when someone dies, a person
who is familiar with the requirements of the religion washes the body by
hand so that he can go to the Hereafter clean. But now the people of this city
are facing a difficult challenge to wash the corpses that have died from the
Covid-19 virus. because few people are willing to touch these corpses by hand!

About the film
When the coronavirus entered the city, people did not take it
seriously at first. This behavior caused many people to die.
Along with seeing the painful scene of people’s deaths,
a big challenge arose in the city.
The question for everyone was How to wash the corpses
by hand as the religion says?
I had two goals to make this film. The first was to show the
people how corpses are washed despite the big danger, and
the second was for the people to realize that if they are not
afraid of the Coronavirus, They will reach the graveyard!

Three Meters and a Few Centimeters
A Documentary Film By Mostafa Salehi Nezhad


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